ARCIA Professional Development Training — Mapping and GIS fundamentals for critical communications

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Workshop Rooms 26 November 2019 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Chris Stevens

Mapping and GIS fundamentals for critical communications

GIS and mapping is a science. So it is therefore very understandable why it can be so confusing in its application within radio communications. Most modern day radio management systems and GPS tracking applications are map based. This permits the GPS display of radio terminals along with other points of interest. Some of the most common questions asked of mapping and GIS consultants are;

  • What maps can I display in my radio management system?
  • My client wants to use Google maps; can they?
  • What are the costs of mapping engines?
  • My client wants to display their own points of interest on a mapping engine. How can they do this?
  • What is a Tile Mapping Service (TMS) and how can it be customised?
  • What free TMS are available?
  • What aerial imagery format does my client require to generate a TMS?
  • What is the difference between vector and raster data?
  • How can I incorporate GPS information from my radio network into my own GIS server or mapping application?

If you have ever asked or been asked any of these questions then this workshop if for you! The “Mapping and GIS fundamentals for critical communications” workshop will examine all aspects of the requirements for mapping and GIS to help cater for you or your client’s needs.

The workshop will be facilitated by ARCIA and presented by Chris Stevens, SLSA Lifesaving Communications Advisor


Important note: These are industry accredited training sessions hosted by ARCIA as part of their Professional Development Training series. Attendees will be required to complete a workbook which will be collected at the end of the session for verification of the understanding of the training contents. The workbook will then be returned to the attendee together with a certificate of attendance and completion from ARCIA following the conference.

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