ARCIA Professional Development Training — Lightning protection and earthing systems

Workshop Rooms 26 November 2019 9:30 am - 12:45 pm

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Lightning protection and earthing systems

One of the serious issues facing all communications providers is the protection of sensitive equipment from power surges caused by electrical storms. This workshop will explain the causes and effects of lightning events, as well as outline the earthing requirements for communications towers and protection devices. Topics to be presented include:

  • Is there such a thing as lightning protection?
  • What exactly is lightning and what causes it?
  • What mechanisms lead to the damage caused by a lightning strike?
  • How to take control and mitigate this damage
  • How to identify protected zones at a radio site
  • Lightning strike waveform characteristics
  • Calculation of typical tower voltages created by a lightning strike
  • Lightning pulse characteristics in coaxial cables
  • The use of lightning protection devices
  • The importance of an adequate grounding system
  • How to implement an adequate grounding system

The workshop addresses the common misconception that nothing can really be done to protect your sensitive radio equipment from the forces of Mother Nature. An understanding of the basic principles behind the nature of lightning events will show that it is in fact possible to mitigate the damage caused by a lightning strike through the use of appropriate protectors in conjunction with an adequate grounding system.

The workshop will be facilitated by ARCIA and presented by Kaine Mulder – Product Manager – Base Antennas & Lightning Protection, RFI Wireless


Important note: This workshop is a industry accredited training session hosted by ARCIA as part of their Professional Development Training series. Attendees will be required to complete a workbook which will be collected at the end of the session for verification of the understanding of the training contents. The workbook will then be returned to the attendee together with a certificate of attendance and completion from ARCIA following the conference.