The importance of mission-critical back up push-to-talk for emergency services personnel

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27 November 2019 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Graeme Stanley

Ensuring public safety requires reliable communication and information sharing, regardless of whether you are hundreds of kilometres into the bush, interstate or even overseas.

In this session, Graeme Stanley, Director of Innovation, Motorola Solutions Australia & New Zealand will launch Motorola Solutions SmartConnect — a secure cloud-based platform that keeps emergency response vehicles seamlessly connected regardless of where they are.

The in-vehicle kit and software platform allows first responders to communicate via their P25 radio and access mission-critical data, even when they’re using extended-range networks like satellite and LTE.

This session will provide use cases to show:

  • How SmartConnect is able to provide seamless mobility for voice and data applications, by automatically switching between networks as vehicles travel outside the range of traditional P25 radio networks
  • The benefits of being built on Australia-based secure cloud infrastructure to provide full P25 user experience extended to work over IP
  • How optimum signal and cost efficiency across all network formats is guaranteed via in-vehicle intelligent routing.

First responders can now always be connected directly to dispatch and with the latest mission-critical data at their fingertips.

Graeme Stanley – Director of Innovation, Motorola Solutions

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