Testing the network’s Fiber Foundation to support 5G, IOT and smart cities

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28 November 2019 -

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Jean-Baptiste Létang

Fiber is going deeper everywhere. It is a key enabler of the upcoming 5G technologies, IOT and Smart Cities that are going to need a rock-solid foundation. The high density of fiber roll-outs ahead means a lot of outsourced field jobs. The challenge which outsourcing brings is reduced visibility and control over the network infrastructure. How will you keep on top of things in an age where you need valuable insights to act quickly? Our Subject Matter Expert will share the best testing practices taking into consideration shortage of expert field technicians, how to avoid unnecessary truck rolls, most importantly first-time-right approach to improve the time to revenue. With the fiber done right first time, you can be assured of a solid fiber foundation that will be future proof to more stringent network requirements such as explosion of bandwidth, ultra low latency and massive numbers of IOT devices connected.

Jean-Baptiste Létang – Product Line Manager, EXFO

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