Underground LTE — Mine case study

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Theatre 3 27 November 2019 11:45 am - 12.15

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Simon Lardner
Rodney Nebe

Gold fields is undergoing a continual technology innovation process where mining is made safer, more efficient and more productive.  Several years ago it implemented (in partnership with technology provider Challenge Networks), one of the world’s first private LTE networks at one of their Australian mine sites.  Since that initial success, the LTE solution has continued to be expanded to several mines where LTE is now being deployed underground into what is believed to be the worlds largest underground implementation of private LTE.

This presentation, done jointly between Gold fields and Challenge Networks will be a case study, where the solution will be discussed.

Simon Lardner – CTO, Challenge Networks and Rodney Nebe – Mine Superintendent — IT Senior Network Engineer, Gold Fields

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