Transitioning local Councils in to the IoT and LTE future: how digital radio systems are supporting and advancing councils across Australia

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28 November 2019 -

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Rob Bellian

Having mission-critical communications in regions like Toowoomba is essential for the successful operation of businesses and the safety of its people.

Our presentation will detail the wide variety of issues Toowoomba Regional Council face, such as connectivity, asset-management, natural disasters, worker safety, coverage and more. We’ll discuss how these problems are common across Australia and with the aid of unified communications and digital radio technology, how these issues can be resolved.

We will outline how our solutions in partnership with strategic partner Telstra, have helped streamline TRC’s processes to improve council operations, provide a platform for enhanced worker safety, manage critical assets in the field and help in the coordination of local disaster management.

Digital radio systems can provide a platform for long-term future technology growth and ensure councils are laying a solid foundation on which to build, manage and maintain their communications networks with the right tools.

Rob Bellian – Sales Director, Simoco Wireless Solutions

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