Hytera Communications Australia

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Hytera, a global leading PMR solution provider, is dedicated to providing customised and complete professional communications solutions to government and public security, utility, transportation, enterprise and business to improve organisational efficiency and make the world safer.

Hytera provides complete PMR product portfolios from analog, digital, to integrated broadband-narrowband products, including the digital radio and trunking system, smart radio and system, command and dispatch, private Internet of Things (IoT) and emergency communications, communication command vehicles, satellite communications, and smart accessories, totally seven product portfolios. Besides the Hytera brand, which is mainly designed for the PDT and DMR digital and smart integrated broadband and narrowband PMR products and solutions, we have sub brands including Sepura for TETRA medium- and high-end radios, Norsat for satellite communications, Sinclair for smart antennas, Teltronic for global public traffic TETRA PMR solutions and HYT for analog radios.