Codan Communications

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Codan Radio Communications is a leading international designer and manufacturer of premium communications solutions. We deliver our capability worldwide for the military, defence, humanitarian, peacekeeping, commercial, security and public safety markets.
Our mission is to provide communications solutions that enable our customers to be heard — to ultimately save lives, create security and support peacekeeping worldwide. With almost 60 years in the business, Codan Radio Communications has garnered a reputation for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, producing innovative and industry-leading technology solutions.
We know that every deployment of a communications solution is different, having deployed our solutions in more than 150 countries. And when lives are on the line, it’s critical that each deployment is right and that every stakeholder is heard. That’s why it’s important to truly understand your situation, your infrastructure, your environment and your stakeholders.
At Codan Radio Communications, that’s what we’re best at. Not fitting your situation into our products, but really understanding what’s at stake. So whenever you work with Codan, you know that right from the start you’ll be heard.